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Painting WWII German SS Camo (Oak Leaf Pattern)

This is a quick guide to show how I paint German SS oak leaf pattern camo, in this case the autumn version. The photo's were taken on the fly so the odd one isn't perfect but hopefully they give an idea as to what I'm doing.

Paints used

 GW Foundation Khemri Brown/Dheneb Stone/Charadon Granite

GW Washes Devlan Mud

Vallejo Game Colour Charred Brown/Parasite Brown/Bronze Fleshtone

Step 1. Base colour


Start off with a base coat of GW Foundation Khemri Brown. This is perfect for a slightly faded looking fabric.

Step 2. Highlights


Mix GW Foundation Dheneb Stone with Khemri Brown for highlights. A couple of layers will do so no need to overwork it.

Step 3. Camo design layer 1

To paint the camo design drop your brushes and grab a cocktail stick! A quick sanding of the tip to clean it up and you’re good to go.



The first layer of the camo design is a dark brown made up from GW Foundation Charadon Granite with a little VGC Charred Brown added. Thin the paint a little and dip the very tip of the cocktail stick in to load with paint. Try putting a dot on your thumb nail to test the consistency. If it’s too thin it might pool and too thick it will leave a prominent lump of paint. If it’s just right it’ll leave a clean dot and you might get a few prints out of it before needing to reload. You can vary the size of the dot too depending on how much paint is on the tip and the pressure used to apply it. Build up the design using individual dots and clumping others together to create patches of colour. If dry paint builds up on the tip of the cocktail stick just give it a quick sanding to restore the point.

Step 4. Camo design layer 2

The second layer of the camo design uses VGC Parasite Brown with a little bit of the brown mix from layer one added to tone down the brightness of the colour. Use the same technique as before but apply some of this colour offset over the previous layer being careful not to obliterate the dark brown and making sure to leave some spots of brown as is. 

Step 5. Finishing off

The next layer is really just a highlight to make the rust brown stand out. Mix a little VGC Bronze Fleshtone with the second layer mix and then carefully add very small dots of the highlight to the design. There’s no need to highlight every spot of colour from the second layer of the design and a little variation in the intensity of the highlight looks more realistic. Once dry give the whole area a very thin glaze of GW Devlan Mud wash and you’re done.