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Blogger and Facebook

Posted on March 5, 2016 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

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More RBG Norse

Posted on December 6, 2015 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

It’s probably about time I made a blog post because as usual I’ve let this slide a bit and completely lost track of how long it’s been since my last post. To be honest I’m finding Facebook infinitely better for throwing quick pics on so if you’re so inclined keep an eye on that. Anyway, this time it’s more Red Box Games stuff. Again it’s Norse types for a growing warband from another commission to that showed in my last post. Six more in the queue and then there’s a box of additional models that I haven’t fully delved into yet so that may be more Norse or perhaps reinforcements for the Aenglish I did as part of this job.

RBG and some pulp goodness

Posted on November 14, 2015 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I’ve got a few bits and pieces to show this time around. First up is a small band of Red Box Games Norse (although I reckon the might be an Aenglish model or two in there). I’ve already painted versions of a couple of these models but the others are ‘new’ to me. Always good to paint, especially in these muted colour schemes.

Next are a mixed bunch of pulp types. A pair of Top Agents from Copplestone Castings KKBB range. I like Mark Copplestone’s sculpts but I have to admit that painting these alongside some of the other models here really made me think that these are a little dated looking. Still fun to paint though and a nice change after the more intensive RBG models.

Then there’s Dr Strukov & Sister Anaesthesia from Statuesque Miniatures and DA Denton & Red Queen from Pulp Alley. All digital sculpts by Andrew Rae. I’ve no idea if Statuesque and Pulp Alley are one and the same though. Anyway, doesn’t matter as the models are really nice and it goes to show what can be done with a computer and a 3D printer.

Reaper RPG characters

Posted on October 31, 2015 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Just a couple of things to show. Two models from Reaper Miniatures, a fighter (02860 Harald in the reaper catalogue) and what appears to have been a limited edition charity model, the Wizard of Faith. Both models needed mounting on dungeon floor bases but as tends to be the case with many Reaper models they had integral bases that needed removing. I kept most of the wizard’s base intact though to avoid too much messing around with it. The flagstone floor tiles were just cut from thin plastic sheet and sanded and filed to appear worn.

I took a few pictures of the fighter’s shield as I worked on it to show something of the process. When it comes to heraldic designs for shields I tend to like to cheat and use home made decals. In the following images you can see the design that was required.

With a little manipulation I ended up with a black cut out of the design which I then printed off on clear decal paper. Not having a proper decal printer with white ‘ink’ isn’t too much of a problem as I use the decal as a template to paint over once it’s on the model. That way it looks more natural and you can tidy up what may be a low resolution image. It’s a good way to avoid troublesome freehand.

I should mention that using an ink jet printer to make decals does require the use of a sealant to make sure the ink doesn’t just wash off. I use Microscale Industries Liquid Decal Film. I find it’s best to leave the freshly printed decals to fully dry over night otherwise when applying the decal film (with a brush anyway!) the ink can smear even when apparently touch dry. Two coats of the stuff should ensure everything is covered.

I also use two other Microscale products when applying decals. Micro Set is a setting solution that helps decals adhere and just needs a thin coat applying just prior to positioning the decal. There’s also Micro Sol which is a decal softener that can help decals mould to irregular surfaces. All very useful and cheap and long lasting too.

Anyway, like I say, the decal in this case is just a template to be coloured in and here I gave it a coat of VGC Ghost Grey and highlighted with pure white before finishing off the shield background colour and adding the damage and dirt.

The sword blade took a bit of time to do. It’s supposed to be a frost blade and it took a couple of attempts to figure out how best to do it. I think it’s worked out nicely enough. I had a look online for inspiration and ‘how to’s’ but found most of the examples to be airbrushed. Managed to get the blending right using the old fashioned method though (what are they called…? Oh yeah, paint brushes!).


Tsuba RJW, Crooked Dice

Posted on October 24, 2015 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

As usual I’ve neglected my blog in favour of Facebook so I’m sure I’m a few updates behind here. I’ve finally finished off the last of the Tsuba Miniatures Russo-Japanese War Japanese. Lots of cavalry both foot and mounted versions. I wish I had some nice terrain to show them off against but I don’t so you just get a pile of models on a gaming mat.

I also painted up a couple more pieces for Crooked Dice. Flamboyant Agent and Evil Mastermind which are both part of their pre-order campaign for the new edition of 7TV. There’s a rather funky retro TV gaming token too.

Lots of stuff in the to do pile as I try and catch up on the commissions. Lots of Red Box Games stuff, Infinity, Otherworld Miniatures and various odds and ends. So much to do and so little time!

Eldar Harlequins

Posted on September 27, 2015 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

These buggers have taken bloody ages to do! They’re quite nice models even though I’m more partial to the original sculpts from the 80’s. The Death Jester is probably my favourite sculpt (and paint job) from this lot with the Shadowseer being a bit of a damp squib of a model for me. Both of these are Finecast as opposed to the rest of the models which are metal. I think I mentioned a few minor issues with the Death Jester in a previous post but in comparison the Shadowseer had quite a few more air bubbles which needed filling. Nothing too bad but an aggravation all the same. The staff was a bit bendy too but I couldn’t safely do anything with that as I didn’t want to attempt softening it and risk being left with wet spaghetti! It’s not too noticeable thankfully.

The first model I painted got a little repaint to make him fit in better with the rest and their darker colour schemes. I also used a bit of gloss varnish on the metals and gems for a change to lift them. It looks nice but has created some additional reflections in my photographs so some of the gems have double highlights by the look of them. Talking of photographs these also proved to be a bit of a pain to do. I was hoping to just line them up and snap a couple of group shots but with them having arms and legs waving all over the place it just looked cluttered. Swords were in faces and weapons were clashing so they all got individual pictures taken in the end.



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It’s been a little while since my last post but I’ve been busy as ever. I’ve been working through more Tsuba Miniatures Russo-Japanese War stuff. This time dismounted Japanese cavalry. I’m just waiting for some more grass tufts to arrive so I can finish off their bases.


I’ve also started a set of GW Eldar Harlequins. Thankfully these are mostly the older metal castings. I do have a couple of Failcast ones to do though but they don’t look as bad as the very first castings GW put out. I’ve prepped one of those models (a Death Jester) and it wasn’t too bad. Only a few minor air bubbles but an annoying amount of gating all over the model, especially little triangles beneath all the undercuts. It’s still a horribly soft material to work with though and so easy to accidentally remove detail during clean up. The model also looked like it was limbo dancing so I had to stick it over the kettle to soften it and bend it into a better position.


Anyway, the painted model here is metal which to be honest I also found quite time consuming to clean up. The one problem with more recent GW metal castings in my limited experience is the amount of little bits of mould vent sprue that are all over the place. You know the stuff. Those little curly wurly bits of metal that are left. The vents are needed to ensure the model casts properly but they’re bloody annoying to remove when there are so many. It’s easy to miss the odd one or think it’s a bit of twiddly detail and I know in my younger days I’ve painted them as if they’re part of the model!


I had hoped to have gotten a little further into the set than just the one model but I forgot just how draining it can be painting diamond designs (or checks). Base coat yellow, paint the red design over it, go back and neaten up the yellow, go back and neaten up the red…. I’m quite pleased with the end result though. There were a few tricky areas where the pattern had to be fudged a little to make it work but they’re out of sight. Looking at the box art and the studio paint jobs I’m amazed at the precision of those designs considering the curves and creases that they cover.


Hasslefree de ja vu

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Just a quick one today as time is limited. I’ve been painting more Hasslefree stuff again. Most of these I’ve already painted at some point in the past so I’ve tried to vary the colour schemes slightly where possible whilst also sticking roughly to what I’d done on those previous attempts (at the request of the client). As ever, these things always paint up nicely. These are yet again resin masters and if nothing else that means they are at least quick to prep. Anyway, onto the pics…

Infinity Nomads

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Well, it’s been a little while since my last post but better late than never I guess. I’ve been busy finishing off Infinity stuff as part of the same commission as the large battle suit I showed last time. Facebookers will have likely seen a few pics of these models already. It’s taken a while to get them done purely down to my misjudging the amount of work that was needed to complete that large battle suit. You can see in this picture just how big that bugger is.

It’s funny because many times in the past I’ve seen pictures of larger models but then when I’ve got the figure in hand it’s not seemed quite as big as I perhaps expected. That was the case with various Rogue Trader era dreadnoughts and Warhammer demons from the same time. I’d built up this impression over the years that they were huge but they turned out to not live up to expectation. With this battle suit though the reverse was true as it ended up being much larger than I expected. As I said last time, it’s a fantastic centre piece.

Apart from that there’s the Daktaris who is a doctor apparently and not a sexy stripper cat monkey woman. Oddly enough this model has big googly anime eyes rather than the more realistic eyes of the other models I’ve done from the Infinity range. They painted up nicely though and suit the figure.

There’s Zoe and II-Well. No idea what role Zoe has within the Nomad forces and II-Well judging by his gawky pose looks none too well! He’s a fun little goof-bot though and I really enjoyed painting him up. I decided to go with orange as his main colour rather than red because I liked the studio paint job and thought it would be a nice change from yet more red.

Finally there’s Moran, Maasai Hunter. Not my favourite model but he also comes with a pair of goof-bots which are rather fun. They’re Crazy Koalas apparently and are just funny as balls. I wouldn’t have thought to pair koalas with a Maasai guy but maybe continents don’t mean much in the future! I decided to give them the same colour scheme as II-Well to liven things up.

Next week will be a welcome change of pace as I’ll be tackling some more Tsuba Miniatures Russo-Japanese War Japanese. Mostly cavalry but a few other bits and pieces that will be familiar to most Tsuba fans.

Infinity battlesuit

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It’s that time again! After doing the RBG stuff I got to paint a few models that weren’t quite so taxing. I can’t show them yet but they were fun to do and a much needed change. After those though I ploughed straight on into another batch of Infinity Nomads, so no rest for the wicked, or some such bollocks (when I first typed that line I managed to put ‘suck’ instead of ‘such’. H and K aren’t next to one another on the keyboard. Very Freudian!).


If there’s one thing you can guarantee with Infinity models it’s that they will take bloody ages to clean up and assemble. They do like to break a model down into as many pieces as they can! Looking at the assembled models I’m sure a few could have been made with fewer parts. They’re also prone to make the occasional delicate part that is nigh on impossible to pin but that really needs to be pinned! That was a bad habit of Knight Models too from what I recall after assembling some of their Star Wars models.


As part of this batch of models there’s a big battlesuit from the Iguana Squad set. I hadn’t paid much attention to this model when it had arrived, I’d just put it in the ‘to do’ pile and gotten on with things. When it came to assembling this beast though I quickly realised it was going to be a lot bigger than most things I paint. It stands about 65mm tall and will be mounted on a 55mm base when finished. I really should have taken a scale shot with a ‘regular’ sized model but I forgot about that until I’d put the camera and lights away (typical!).


Frustratingly this is still a WIP as it’s taking a lot longer to paint up than I first estimated. It’s coming along pretty well though and should make a nice army centre piece. I approached the painting of this a little differently to how I normally work. I usually paint one part of a model entirely before moving onto the next part. So for example I might paint a model’s trousers, do all the highlighting and then paint the shirt and all of it’s highlights and so on. These armoured pieces from Infinity though have a lot of different surfaces and sections to paint and unless everything is going to be the same colour, which would be boring, it’s important to plan the placement of the different colours. I like to make sure there’s enough contrast between different colours and the armour plates and details are broken up enough by those colours so with this piece I ended up applying all the base colours before moving onto the highlighting. So that’s black, dark grey, red and off-white. It really helped me to get an idea of what I was aiming for with the final paint job and a few areas got repainted if the colour placement didn’t work. The off-white chest plate and sections on the weird codpiece started off dark grey but as the composition came together I realised they needed to contrast more and create more of a focal point.

Due to the size of this piece it really needs plenty of painted details to bring it to life so I’ve started adding little symbols and information text (just dots and squiggles at this scale) where appropriate. The number on the front is a decal left over from when I painted up a Bloodbowl team. I think a few more things are needed here and there just to make it ‘pop’ if you will.


Hopefully it’ll be done soon.