Stone Cold Lead

Figure Painting

A little history...

I've been painting model soldiers since I was 11 (or there abouts) and prior to discovering the joys of lead I cut my teeth on plastic kits of WW2 aircraft and tanks.

My lead addiction began on a number 23 bus back in either '88 or '89. I remember seeing a lanky, ginger haired, acne covered, bespectacled teenager sitting at the front of the bus clutching a carrier bag that appeared to have the words 'Games Workshop' emblazoned upon it. Within the bag was a large colourful box and from what I could make out it had what at the time seemed to be a rather nonsensical logo that read ‘Blood Bowl’. I had no idea what it meant but it intrigued me and I was determined to keep an eye out for this Games Workshop.

A few months later a school friend told me all about this amazing shop he’d found that sold little metal models of Dr Who characters. Come the weekend we headed into the city centre so he could show me this treasure trove of Daleks and Dr’s companions. As the shop sign came into view it of course turned out to be Games Workshop. My first purchases were a pack of 3 Dr Who Cybermen for £1.50 and a bargain bin copy of the spring 1986 Citadel Journal for £1.00.

And that's how it all began.

The following years were filled with stuff and in 2001 I took up freelance figure painting. Over the years I've worked for a number of companies including:

Foundry (Street Violence SWAT team, beach babes and gun girls, elf nymphs and guards, orcs and orclings, valkyries, landsknechts, Judge Dredd characters and others)

Crusader Miniatures (Norman knights and pirate orcs)

Griffin Miniatures (Aliens, WW2 and others)

Harbinger Magazine (Various models and painting articles)

Renegade Miniatures (Orcs)

Freebooter (Mercenary)

Urban Mammoth (Urban War Viridians, Triads, Gladiators, Syntha, Koralon, VASA and Junkers)

I’ve also done numerous private commissions and sold pieces through Ebay.